Condo & Townhome Development

Reading Overstreet has extensive knowledge when it comes to owning and developing single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes/zero lot line homes. He understands that the goal is to create a community that brings value to unit owners and offers an effective operational structure.


While working with his clients to develop condominiums and townhomes in Dallas-Fort Worth, Reading takes the time to help you understand each piece of the process. As a real estate developer and investor in Dallas-Fort Worth, he understands every step that goes into a transaction for condominium, co-op, townhome, and mixed-use projects and the demand that each project faces.


Condo and townhome developers rely on Reading’s expertise and advice when it comes time to start a new development project. So much more goes into developing a condo and townhome site as opposed to an apartment community. Reading knows that each unit must be properly priced and sold to ensure a successful return on investment. From helping you select a site, finding a management company, builder, and listing the units for sale, Reading is with you each step of the way.


Real estate developers in Dallas-Fort Worth looking to acquire distressed communities come to Reading for his local real estate market knowledge. By working together, he will help you find properties and communities that need a breath of fresh air. He shares his knowledge on how to help you position yourself to manage the risk and liabilities that come with owning condo and townhome communities. Together, a plan will be designed to help you achieve the best use for the location’s real estate market.